Important Information:

Through the years I've
discovered that not only the quality of the hair is important, but the quality of the bond and how it is attached is equally significant. Most hair bought over the counter feels good when you touch it (because it's been treated), but after a few washes, it becomes dry, brittle and feels like dolls hair. Other hair may be decent, but the bond  might be shoddy, and the hair will start to shed almost immediately.
Excellent hair is very essential but it is equally necessary to have a very experienced stylist.  If the extensions are not applied correctly or a method not ideal for your hair is used, it can result in your own hair loss.

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With the expectations and demands of our clients expanding daily, we pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest trends and continuing education. We are certified in, but not limited to the following product lines:

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Image result for aqua hair extensions 

Each one of these brands is a  
separate method of application.
Options are discussed at time of consultation.
We will find the perfect line for you.


With the use of hair extensions you can instantly achieve fuller, longer hair. You can add damage free highlights, reshape a haircut or even bypass the growing out stage.


We also offer great options for thinning hair. These are unlike traditional hair extensions. While these extensions are made for the top of the head, they do not require any shaving.

For men and women.


 best hair available on the

  market today. They look completely natural and are not

noticeable to people who don’t know you are wearing them. The

strands are matched to your own hair structure and color. You

can style your hair as usual using your blow dryer, flat iron or

curling iron. The same is true for other processes such as perms or color.

   Pricing guide

Due to the customization of every look to the individual, pricing can not be discussed until a consultation is performed. During your initial consultation we will discuss hair length, style and method. All of this factors into the final price.


  $35...Includes color matching for the services mentioned above. Fee waived when service is scheduled.
Half down is required
to schedule your service.
The other half is due the day of your service.
Includes hair and the finished style.
We do not sell hair.
Hair purchased for your service
is the property of the salon,
 the applied hair you leave the salon with,
belongs to you.


$125 per hour
Micro-link maintenance
Individual fusion method
(hair you bring to the salon)
* I must approve the hair