Offering Airbrush Makeup

This makeup is literally airbrushed on for a flawless finish that can't be detected in photographs.



 Imperfections and flaws are hidden without the look of heavy make-up.

 The look of wrinkles and fine lines are minimized giving the look of beautiful young skin. It feels as if you don't have make-up on.

 Perspiration and tears are not a problem because it is water resistant, if it is blotted
and not wiped off
Hands and brushes don't touch the face, therefore it is very hygienic

It lasts all day without rubbing off on clothes























A deposit is required to secure your date  


Weddings / Formals / Photo shoots

For your wedding exquisite 
up styles are uniquely designed  for you.

Created in the comfort and convenience of
your location or in one of our participating salons.
complimentary mimosas!